Title: Verada (AKA, Please Consider)
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/verada.zip
Size: 76.83 KB
Date: 01/24/99
Author: Paul Corfiatis
Credits: id, Matt Tagliaferri (Doomcad) and all those guys who made these levels to be possible. Simon Varzseghy (sz or zs) and Jani Saska, good comments.
Base: New levels from Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doomcad 6.1, Deth 4.19, BSP 2.3, BSP 3.0, Wintex 4.1
Bugs: Yes, An Arch-Vile can make you jump out a window in the silver switch area and you can get stuck out there in the darkness. So kill him fast. But thats a secret area and simply find the rocket Launcher to kill yourself. Yhers are no other bugs in this level. Plus that Arch-Vile is on UV only.
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