Title: Christmas DOOM 2
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/xmas2.zip
Size: 100.02 KB
Date: 01/19/97
Author: Yukio Ide (from Japan) *( Waizu )
Description: Single/Co-op/DM wad for DOOM II Another brand new Level for Doom II.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Around 5 hours.
Editor(s) used: Waded Ver1.8b/DMAUD/DMMUS/MIDI2MUS...etc
Bugs: None that I know of -You tell me.
Rating: (8 votes)
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This is exactly the same as xmas1.wad (id=7581) only for Doom2, I gave that one only 1/5 and it is no different for this one same annoying sounds, same xmas j-pop midi, same everything read my review for (id=7581 3rd review from the top) to see what this is like. If you do not feel like it well take my advice, avoid this one at all costs unless you like bad maps.x
^None at all The level is bland, stupid and feels like it was done in 15 minutes then 5 hours. Tons of pointless (obviously) hidden BFG's, and considering you only see like 5 monsters, there all useless. two of the key cards also hidden in said obvious secrets. (Which is bad mapping, No mandatory necessities should be hidden) Terrible Terrible, but not vomit. I'll give the author 2/5. -1 point for having nothing to do with XMAS, false advertisement. 1/5x
The level isn't that great, although it's not the worst ever. The sound effects are very annoying and dumb. Nothing to do with Christmas as far as I can tell.x

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