Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/zap07.zip
Size: 63.94 KB
Date: 01/09/98
Author: Andy Badorek
Description: This map is special because it's Map07. The Doom Engine allows usage of special sector tags 666 and 667 (lowering / rising floors) in this level. 667 is tricky, though, because it has a certain chance of rising too far and blocking the way, so I used only 666.

Like the original Map07 this level is ideal for Deathmatch. In fact I took an older Deathmatch level to begin with then put some Single Player gameplay into it. Many ideas of the original MBASE02 were just too good for being dumped in a DM level.

There's a new awesome sky texture in this release, and some changes to the items layout: more ammo.

Of course, like all ZAP-maps this level is top quality in terms of design and gameplay.
Credits: migru for play-testing Ben Morris for DCK Ron Rossbach for IDBSP id Software for the game
Build time: 10 hours
Editor(s) used: DCK34, IDBSP11B
Bugs: Weapon-in-the-air bug fixed. (Co-op only, didn't occur in single or deathmatch)
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This is dated January 1998. It's an entertaining albeit modest Map07 tribute on a plateau surrounded by slime; you fight waves of different monsters, although if you're feeling brave you can choose to dodge past most of them and let them infight. The map is great fun if you play it that way, because there's just enough space to dodge. If you're methodical the ammo balance is just about right, and there's no shortage of health.x
A map from Andy Badorek can't be crappy, nor boring!!!x
A very solid map, with superb gameplay and inventive progression around an island in a sea of lava. This isn't legendary stuff, but it's well worth a download, especially if you're a sucker for (good) map 7 clones. --4/5x
realy boring and crappyx

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