Title: Zombie Heart of Death v1.11
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/zomheart.zip
Size: 483.94 KB
Date: 09/29/11
Author: David E. Armstrong
Description: The challenge of this wad is to not become a Zombie!

This is a very tough, large, non-linear, single player wad. Please note, skill 4 (Top Doomers Only!) is designed partly as a "Test of Doomer Skills" -- tough but not impossible (no cheat codes required). All skill settings are quite difficult (at least in places).

Experience the surprise of the "Gauntlet" Go Teleport Wacky in the "Circle of Death" Race against time on the "Battlefield" Get blown to bits in the teleport barrel trap! Try to find the only Megasphere in the game. And how the heck do you get the backpack? I see the blue key, but how do I get it? And who the heck is that laughing? Find the Prairie Style room, complete with Inglenook!

But, most of all, Beware the Beating of the Heart...
Credits: Id -- nice 3D cheats, guys! Renaud Paquay, Raphael Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber for WinDeu Olivier Montanuy for WinTex and DeuSF Colin Reed for BSP 1.2x Serge Smirnov for CleanWad v1.0b Peter Monks for TED v1.2

Playtesters Thomas M. Frusti, Jim F. Flynn, Michael G. Abbott, John Orzechowski, and Dalias Thanks for helping make this a better wad!!

Thanks to Grazza for helping release this to the world again!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Surely you jest
Editor(s) used: WinDeu by Renaud Paquay, Raphael Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber
Bugs: Let's all repeat the programmer's mantra together: They're not bugs, they're features... Let me know what you find.
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