Title: The UnMaking
Filename: levels/doom64/unmaking.zip
Size: 3.93 MB
Date: 01/01/21
Author: Ryath/scwiba
Description: The UnMaking is a 33-map megaWAD and one of the biggest mapsets ever made for Doom 64. This version runs only on Doom 64 EX, but a version for the KEX Engine Steam release will follow soon.

This is the last entry in my four-part UnAligned series, though it's very much playable and enjoyable on its own. When we last left our hero, you had just annihilated every monster across three realms of swords and sorcery. But while you were busy cosplaying in the Dimensions of the D'Sparils, a new demon emerged in our reality and revived all the hellspawn you ever killed -- and dragged you back through space and time for a climactic showdown. Grab your super shotgun and megaarmor; this is your final campaign against the forces of the UnAligned.
Credits: Midway Games
Samuel Villarreal
Nightdive Studios
id Software
CodeImp and SlayeR for Doom Builder and SLADE
Custom textures by Cage, iori, and me
Playtesters: DavidXNewton FrancisT218 Immorpher Moki
Technical Assistance: Immorpher jdagenet
Base: None
Build time: Off and on from November 2019 to December 2020, with the bulk of work done between October and December 2020; revisions made from January through July of 2021
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 64, SLADE3
Bugs: 1) Because "spawned" enemies in Doom 64 count toward kill percentage even if they're blocked and NOT spawned, it's impossible to get 100% in a few maps. The "ghost" gimmick on Map05 also creates several unkillable monsters. Below I've listed all maps where 100% kills doesn't appear to be possible, along with the maximum percentage I was able to achieve on skill 4:
Map05: 89% Map13: 99% Map14: 6% (yeah, really) Map19: 97% Map21: 97% Map23: 78% Map26: 94% Map28: 99%
2) Related to the same problem as above, other maps are tricky to get 100% kills on but not impossible. Often it just comes down to luck and where enemies (or the player) are standing when other enemies spawn, but killing everything as fast as possible does help reduce the chance of failed spawns. Maps where I found 100% kills to be quite finicky were:
Map03 Map16 Map21 Map27 Map30 3) 50% items is the maximum attainable on Map29. (One item is despawned.)
4) On Map10, the switch that creates fire to detonate the barrels in the kiln room sometimes requires two presses to work despite being intended to take only one.
5) On Map24, venturing out into the lava and looking back at the main structure can cause pretty significant visual glitches.
6) One-pixel-wide streaks of sky appear in Map15 and 26 when looking at structures from certain angles. This is either a glitch in Doom Builder 64's nodebuilder or Doom 64 EX itself and I haven't found a consistent fix for them.
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