Title: Heretic - Curse of D'sparil
Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/curse.zip
Size: 4.55 MB
Date: 01/27/10
Author: Kristian 'Kristus' Kll Featuring my brother Karl Kll, who made the secret map.
Description: An episode 3 replacement for Heretic, playing on the story of Corvus' exile as he was under the curse of D'sparil.

Read the back story under "Info" in Heretic.
Credits: -My brother Karl for making the Secret map and testing it all in Coop with me. -Khorus, Udderdude for beta testing. -Creaphis for his hcount.wad, which I used as base when I made the conveyorbelt scripts. -Gez for finding a bunch of bugs in the original release and telling me about them. -John Romero for Heretic and Hexen. -ID and Raven of course for the games.
Base: From scratch
Build time: On and off for about a year
Editor(s) used: DB, DB2, DETH, XWE, ZENNODE.
Bugs: None that are serious, but here's a list.

**In Legacy and HereticP** 1. In some maps (E3M4 and E3M8), if you turn on No clipping mode before moving at all, it will cause the conveyorbelt scripts to not activate.

**In Legacy (software) and HereticP** 2. In some maps the bottom of the sky can be spotted, and there's a tutti frutti effect there because Vanilla Heretic doesn't allow Vertical wrapping of the sky texture, and Legacy copied this behaviour for some reason.

**In Legacy and Eternity** 3. The level name will not be showing up properly at the 'now entering' screen. It will show up in the Automap and in the 'finished' though. It just hasn't loaded the next map yet and as such, neither the [level info] information that is embedded in the ExMx lump.

**In Vavoom and Legacy OpenGL mode** 4. In some place there'll be visual glitches where sector draw hacks have been used.

**In HereticP** 5. Sometimes when changing from one map to another HereticP can run out of allocated memory and crash. To not lose progress, make sure you save before exiting the map.
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