Title: Hordes of Chaos II
Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/hoc2.zip
Size: 1.23 MB
Date: 09/10/04
Author: Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)
Description: 5 more Heretic maps stuffed full of monsters.

These maps are meant to be a challenge on Skill 4. If you play on Skill 4 and die miserably, don't be surprised. And don't complain, either. Play it on Skill 3! :P

After each map your weapons and ammo are taken. You get to keep your items. This is intentional.

The maps are from a project I did 8 years ago, called Dark Heretic. It was never released. 5 of these maps were fixed up and released as Hordes of Chaos. Hordes of Chaos 2 is 5 more Dark Heretic maps, fixed up and ready to play.
Credits: id Software
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Gameplay is less enjoyable than the first HoC episode espiecally in map 4 which is awful (and timed). On the other hand I have a pretty good time playing map 3, which reminds me the castle levels of Eternal Doom, and I love big levels heh. 4/5 because the first opus was a little better. ~Naanx
pretty awesome!x
Not as good as the first one, I think. It still looks about as good (better in some places, worse in others), but generally doesn't play as well. The exception to this would be the last map, which easily surpasses its predecessor/counterpart by a definite margin. Map 2, on the other hand, is AWFUL. Horribly tacky looking, built around the Gauntlet/Tome combo, and TIMED on top of all that. Not a good time. --TDotW x
It seems somehow hard to judge to visuals of a Heretic map, so I'll stick to gameplay. These maps have a pretty high monsters/squaremeter ratio, as usual for Udderdude, which can be fun. On the other hand, there are some annoying features, like timed levels and the use of Doom monsters. Luckily the wad ends with an interesting D'sparil fight.x
Woo! More HOC! o/ -Curunirx
HOC is 1337 ^_^x

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