Title: Hordes of Chaos X
Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/hocx.zip
Size: 4.96 MB
Date: 01/11/05
Author: Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude) M.Eyre (Vermil) Nick St.Laurent (Hobomaster)
Description: Well, it's been quite a journey. Hordes of Chaos is finally done, with 25 maps. HOC X has all 4 previously released HOCs, plus the all new HOC 5.

HOC has been changed to HOC Death Edition. It's got 2x the monsters and alot less health. Good luck playing this one! :P

These maps are meant to be a challenge on Skill 4. If you play on Skill 4 and die miserably, don't be surprised. And don't complain, either. Play it on Skill 3! :P

After each map your weapons and ammo are taken. You get to keep your items. This is intentional.

Each map was taken from another project and worked on considerably. Here's where each map originally came from :

E1,E2 All Maps Dark Heretic

E3M1 Monster Mash Vermil's Maps E3M4 E3M2 Painville ZUUL E3M3 Hidden Temple Vermil's Maps E3M7 E3M4 The Four Rooms Black Fortress X E3M5 D'Sparil's Sauna Dark Heretic E1M4

E4M1 Painkiller Vermil's Maps E3M5 E4M2 Tomb Of Naughtyness Crimson Tomb E4M3 The Black Bog Vermil's Maps E3M6 E4M4 Crypt Of Crispy Critters VOL R2 E4M5 D'Sparil's Tower Tower of Pain

E5M1 Hell's Belly Button Trails of D. MAP02 E5M2 Emerald Passage The Lost Gate E5M3 Fortress Of Fortitude Steeple Chase V1.3 E5M4 Catastrohpic Finale Vermil's Maps E1M9 E5M5 Obligatory Secret Map Vermil's Maps E1M1
Credits: id Software Hobomaster for the base of E5M2 Vermil for the base of E3M1, E3M3, E4M1, E4M3, E5M3, E5M4, E5M5 Vermil again for testing and feedback
Base: Pure Gold
Build time: Yes
Editor(s) used: ZETH, NWT, Wintex, XWE, ZDBSP
Bugs: None
Rating: (52 votes)
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