Title: The Realm of Parthoris - 2015
Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/rop_2015.zip
Size: 4.14 MB
Date: 11/26/15
Author: Various Authors
Description: Welcome to The Realm of Parthoris, the fantasy world in which Heretic takes place. This project aims to create a community based Heretic episode by the end of 2015. A texture pack of 500 textures and flats has been carefully compiled to compliment and expand upon Hereticís fantasy setting.
Credits: ==Levels==

E1M1: Cragskull by The Cupboard E1M2: The Magistrates Tomb by General Rainbow Bacon E1M3: The Reservoir by Obsidian E1M4: Fossilized by The Cupboard E1M5: Blistering Catacombs by Egregor E1M6: Grimoire Haeresis by SYS E1M7: Arcane Corridor by Du Mhan Yhu E1M8: Profanum Sanctum by 19Wraith E1M9: Nightstone Hollow by Obsidian

E2M1: System Shutdown by General Rainbow Bacon


The Realm of Parthoris (title): Alfonzo

E1M1: Plasma by Ilkallio E1M2: The Avenger's Domain by Doom Huntress E1M3: Gutter Penny by Alfonzo E1M4: Skeleton by Ilkallio E1M5: The Occultist by Eris Falling E1M6: Saboteur by Alfonzo E1M7: Mystic Tides by Alfonzo E1M8: Crystal Embers by Doom Huntress E1M9: Plasma by Lee Jackson

E2M1: Oracle Night by Alfonzo

Project Leader: Egregor

Texture and sprite support: scifista42 Vermil Xaser

Title Picture: Voltcom9

Credit Picture: Gez

Texture and sprite credits: Baker's Legacy Blasphemer Blood Gothic Heretic community chest (skies) Hexen various zdoom.org community resources
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 10 months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, Slade 3
Bugs: none
Rating: (17 votes)
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Really good, indeed!! I've always wanted some nice megawad for Heretic and this one gave me it. Nice level design, slaughtering of thousands of enemies in one map, using brain in the other. Some maps were too chaotic though and I felt list many time... But hey, still one of the most perfect megawad for Heretic so far. enkeli33x

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