Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/sinful.zip
Size: 3.65 MB
Date: 03/19/02
Author: ICE
Description: An episode for Heretic, requires use of Jheretic v1.0 or later.
Base: New levels
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK v3.2 Wadauthor v1.3 Zennode v0.98a GL BSPX v1.95 Win32 Jasc PaintShop Pro v7.0 GameFile Explorer v1.30 Wintex v4.5
Bugs: Yeah play it under DOS Heretic and you will get VISPLANE errors and save game buffer errors.
Rating: (17 votes)
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Salt-Man Z
Certainly not without its flaws (often switchhunt-y, with occasionally obscure progression) but the levels are gorgeous and remarkably memorable. This is basically Heretic Episode 6, in my mind.x
WOW - how the original 3rd episode SHOULD have been. Lots of new graphics (only the Doom textures truly look out of place) and riddled with lots of high-powered enemies, yet never becomes a super-powered joke. Re: 4 D'Sparils - knock one off of his Serpent, and then just attack that one until everything else dies.x
I only played on Skill 1, but was pretty good. A few texture misalignments but nothing show-stopping.x
Bravo! 5/5x
One of the very best Heretic add-ons ever. At least as good as the original game.x
This level needs 4 stars because e3m8 is a seriously mock level. 4 d'spraiLs? 4/5-- SSWolfenSiex

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