Title: BAB Heretic DeathMatch
Filename: levels/heretic/a-c/babhtdm.zip
Size: 115.52 KB
Date: 06/22/98
Author: Bruce A. Benko
Description: Replacement for Heretic levels E1M1 - E1M4 Great for solo play or multi player. Deathmatch! Excellent has been updated and tested now. Allows for plenty of ammo and health. You are not overpowered by more monsters than you can handle (well, most of the time anyway). Each level has at least one secret area in it. There is a way to get out of any situation (you will not fall into a pit with no way out etc..).

All levels have been tested.

Enjoy :)
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Jason Hoffoss "DMapEdit" Doom Editor ver 4.0 (DOS) The DMapEdit editor can create or edit levels for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, and shortly Hexen. This is the best Map editor that I have seen and tested. Is easy to use and has an excellent error checker. You can get DMapEdit at http://babtech.com/doom.html
Bugs: None
Rating: (2 votes)
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Quite good fun to play. For single player the weapons allowance is very generousx
Too easy. WAY TOO easy because there's WAY TOO much ammo. Environment is quite plain but ok. 2/5. ~Naanx

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