Title: Cemetary.wad (116,409 KB)
Filename: levels/heretic/a-c/cemetary.zip
Size: 38.19 KB
Date: 06/04/95
Author: Dustin Cushman
Description: This wad is ment for single play, but you can play it on networks as a multiple player game or a deathmatch.

Welcome to my cemetary. This cemetary has been here many many years. Once it was a lovely place in which many people buried their loved ones in graves and tombs. There is also a rumor that there is an underground catacomb hidden here in the cemetary, but nobody knows its location. Many people have found the catacomb enterence, but never came back to tell about it. It seems the catacombs can't be mapped. Unfortunatly this cemetary had to be walled up and closed to the public because of an evil force that was unleashed. Awhile back the grounds keeper uncovered a strange glow seeping through a crack of the one of the oldest tombs. When he opened it up he found that it wasn't a tomb at all, but a well. We refer to it as the well of souls because of the cries that seem to come out of it and the horrible deamons it unleashed. In hopes of keeping the evil in, and people out we borded up the well. Unfortunatly some of the evil escaped leading to strange happenings. The dead litterly woke up and started terrorizing the cemetary. This is when we had to close the cemetary. Unfortunatly nobody knows what became of the grounds keeper. There are rumors he went mad and still lurks inside his house in the cemetary. If you happen to become trapped in our cemetary take shelter in the church, for salvation lies within it.
Credits: id! and RAVEN
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About 5 weeks working on and off
Editor(s) used: HEU, DCK22
Bugs: For some reason the keys were showing up on the map This was giving away the fun of the level and some of the secrets, so I had to place 3 duplicate keys on the far south side outside of the level in space so that the keys which are in the level are kept hidden. If anyone knows how to fix this anyoning problem please e-mail me.
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The level is not very challenging, but makes good use of pitch black mazes where you have to use the torch. This is how underground unlit tunnels should be: pitch dark.x
I really liked this level though it was a bit short and small. It's imaginative and captures the colorful feel of Heretic. Great for a small 1995 WAD. Voting 5 (it's really a 3 or 4 depending on your taste) to counter the 1 star votes.x
Map is amateurish, feeling is good. Average, 3 stars.x
bad, boring and too colorful. 1. sucksx
Very clean labyrinth level (even if the starting area wasn't so great), and well-throught secrets. But overall very easy. An unexpected nice surprise, 3/5. ~Naanx

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