Title: Coven
Filename: levels/heretic/a-c/coven.zip
Size: 44.79 KB
Date: 07/15/12
Description: A quick Heretic level in a similar vein to the originals, built and tested for the DOS .EXE. The map takes place in and around a chapel inhabited by an evil cult and resembles the City of the Damned levels visually.

This is not quite a speedmap, but I devised the initial floor plan in one night, then spent some additional time tweaking and polishing it later. Normal difficulty is the original "as intended" object layout, but there are settings for Easy and Hard, if you need them.
Credits: Raven Software - Cool game CodeImp - Map editor that doesn't suck
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few nights
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Rating: (10 votes)
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A solid, fun little unpretentious and old schoolish Heretic map... it aims to be of iWad quality, it fell a bit short in terms of visuals due to lack of texture contrast (imo), but layout and gameplay wise it makes up for this and fits into Heretic's lore perfectly. If you're a fan of Heretic then I totally recommend this. Also; do a search for this author, he's progressed a lot since this map, and his other Heretic works are epic journeys and are worth checking out too.x
Had fun playing this - reminded me of what I loved when playing the shareware episode for the first time - worth a lookx
First map uploaded? And it's Heretic? THANK YOU!!! It could do with a bit more lighting variation, and there are a few big rooms with incredibly boring and underdone textures, but all in all, a great effort. No excessive use of ammo in this level either, as other Heretic mappers tend to do.x
Amateour map. 2/5x
Nice may layout: +1 star; good monster placement: +1 star; clever use of the wings of wrath to access the last secret areas: +1 star; texturing lacks visual contrast: -1 star; Heretic map bonus: +2 stars. Total: 4 stars.x
Kind of average, nothing special here in any way. x
Not bad, average designs and architecture. I needed a secret to make it on skill 4 but it was an easily secret to see. Worth playing if you need a diversion. 3 and a quarter/5x

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