Filename: levels/heretic/d-f/flenzer2.zip
Size: 49.6 KB
Date: 08/09/95
Author: >>Commander<< aka Steve Stauber
Description: FLENZERS CASTLE: On a clear sunshine filled day in the land of Mckean, the Flenzer was called upon to lay the last stone of the castle. The people of the land all gathered to witness this prophetic event. The Flenzerists, the great army of the Flenzer, and all the people. Every man, woman, and child of the north, gathered in the shadow of the great castle and saw, as the Ancient Eye had told them, Their king, Flenzer, Commander of Mckean, raise the last stone above his head and proclaimed the start of the greatest battle ever to be fought. The battle of Flenzers castle!!! He placed the stone and stood away. He looked up to the clear sky and raised his cloaked arms. Everyone who gathered around him followed his gaze. The blue sky dimmed and an ominously dark steamy swirling vapor appeared. A torrent of dark gray clouds grew and spun above the great castle and it grew to cover all of their world. A darkness that would remain until the battle was done, until destiny was fulfilled. The Flenzer, now became a full wizard. The Flenzer ordered his army to prepare. He turned and disappeared into the fortress of stone to wait. Word had spread throughout the crowd that day, that they must not remain. They must leave their beautiful valley of Mckean, for the challengers would soon arrive. Soon enough there came a dark morning when a terrible sound filled the land. A rolling thunder from the southern horizon. The sound grew and grew as The Flenzer, face without expression, sat with his back to a window high within the towering walls of the castle. The thunder suddenly came to a halt. It had all materialized outside the window directly over his shoulder but the Commander never turned... A thin smile rose from the Commanders lips. He knew his wait was over... It was the first of many challenging wizards...

Do not come here to play! Come to fight and to prove yourself! Flenzers burg will test your skills in combat. Learn the art of escape when your luck runs a-FOWL. The duct work CAN save you. Read your map and discover your advantages. The WAD seems big but the action is focused so have at it.

I'd love to know how FLENZERS plays with 4 players. I don't have the opportunity to fight over a network :( Someone let me know!!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: No f#@!ing idea...too many revisions to get it right!!!
Editor(s) used: HeeP the registered version 6.14b by Sensor based systems
Bugs: None that I've found
Rating: (4 votes)
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Instant exit: use the wings, fly to the teleporter up, teleport back again, and there's a hidden passage that leads into the exit.x
This map seems to be designed more for Coop or DM than for single player, due to the symetries in weapon placement and so. However, in single player, fighting maulotaurs in narrow corridors and D'Sparil in a icy ground is really hard ! There's no exit, too. 2/5 for single player. ~Naanx
A strange map that is in essence an unusually complex boss map. Gameplay is comprised of racing about stocking up on the plentiful armaments before facing D'Sparil. During the battle, the bastard will teleport all over the map, forcing you to play a particularly violent (and annoying, if he goes to the central lave pit often) game of "hide 'n seek." Not to my tastes, but others may love it. --TDotWx

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