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Gaugi's first
This wad was created only for deathmatch wad had enough action to go co-op or single. It's a speedy level with many confrontations between the players... Easy secrets for beginners to the super/sercret for Heretic/Champion: You'll feel like good......Date:01/07/18
Size:10.04 KB
Author:Andreas Gauger

Gaugi's second
This wad was created only for deathmatch. With my experience of GAUGI1.WAD I created a 3-Level-Secret, it's hard to find, but when you've found it, you are like GOD... There are also much easy secrets and very new: a heretic-prison!!!...Date:01/07/18
Size:17.88 KB
Author:Andreas Gauger

Gaugi's third "Theatre"
This wad was created only for deathmatch. With much testing in 3 and 4 player deathmatch I got a very well-balanced design for real good fights. And -loved in Gaugi2- again: the heretic-prison!!!...Date:01/07/18
Size:17.42 KB
Author:Andreas Gauger

The DeathMatch Gladiators
Another brand new Level for Heretic. In this Level you Play in a Arena and must kill some Monsters (and your Opponents). Please play this Level with Monsters. It better for the realy Fealing.... Like in the time from Cesar ;)...Date:08/09/95
Size:8.91 KB
Author:Reptile & Sub-Zero

The Dome of Czech Doom Guru - The Ultimate Deathmatch Level for Heretic from CZ
My first wad for Heretic. Whenever we deathmatched on the original maps, I always felt like a Pacman. We played Doom too much and can't get used to spells. So I constructed this map. It is a very heterogeneous environment but I think it looks good. I...Date:07/27/95
Size:37.24 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

Balls of Mystery
Just a fun one room deathmatch level that demonstrates what can be done with transporters and "big balls."...Date:08/09/95
Size:6.59 KB
Author:Scott H. Schug ( Jay Stewart (

Deathmatch centered around a piazza. (This is not the same as a pizza)....Date:06/22/95
Size:42.91 KB
Author:John Matthews

Hardrock is for Deathmatch only - This wad takes in a abandoned castle where a river has cut through the wall. There are many, many secrets that will help in battle. Take nothing for granted!!...Date:08/09/95
Size:27.51 KB
Author:Mark Lusk

This Level Is A Heretic DeathMatch, ONLY, Level. It Is Layed Out Quite Nicely For A 2-4 Player DeathMatch, The BEST Play!! It Has New Music In It, BUT NO Monsters, IT'S DEATHMATCH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!...Date:12/29/95
Size:12.93 KB
Author: ( known as )

Heretic Arena 1
A Heretic Deathmatch arena loosley based on the level DWANGO5 map18. Great music and play....Date:12/15/95
Size:14.44 KB
Author:Death (Death111 on Dwango)

HCLRDANG.WAD Requires registered HERETIC
This is a conversion of CLERDANG.WAD for DOOM II. Excellent Deathmatch wad for HERETIC! Very percise and to the point with nonstop action and excellent sniper spots! All the weapons and items are scattered about. *Requires registered HERETIC from i...Date:04/28/95
Size:24.96 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson & Vinnie Valentin

An great heretic dm wad! Need I say more?...Date:10/17/95
Size:9.28 KB
Author:Louis 'Farmer' Gorenfeld

Heretic DMLD56.WAD
Converted from Doom2 *** Crushing ceilings, teleporter 'accidents' and more...Date:10/17/95
Size:9.4 KB

Headyram Deathmatch Level
Deathmatch designed level, w/ monsters & skill levels...Date:08/09/95
Size:34.11 KB
Author:Peter P.

Heathen.WAD is a 15 level collection of deathmatch WADs featuring levels from the Wadfather series for DOOM 2. The levels chosen were designed to emphasize the differences between DOOM 2 and HERETIC. There are no "network-play only" items, so what yo...Date:12/07/95
Size:390.01 KB
Author:The Wadfather (a nickname my friends gave me)

Heretic Arena
Basically one of your arena wads.... except for the numerous sub-areas around the place, waiting for you to teleport in!...Date:07/24/95
Size:20.34 KB
Author:Daniel Miller
The wad was converted from DANZIG1 MAP 11, a DOOM ][ wad/map if you didn't already know it. There are a few things you might want to know about the skill levels. I made an access door, thought it might be fun for flying and such.....Date:10/10/95
Size:121.23 KB
Author:Ohjoy aka Saracen aka Satan

Single Heretic Deathmatch Map
My first WAD, a simple Heretic deathmatch map, constructive criticism appreciated....Date:05/29/11
Size:7.67 KB
Author:Scott (Schmup Fan)

A port of KewL for DooM ][. I heard a lot of people actually liked it (wow!) So i did this....Date:07/06/95
Size:108.32 KB
Author:Mark Cooke

Heresy is an E1M1 replacement level for the registered version of Raven Software's/id Software's Heretic. It is a medium to large sized level with tons of secrets and bonuses. Every weapon is available, with enough ammo for each to keep you going. Al...Date:10/07/15
Size:49.78 KB
Author:Jeremy Geib and Tom Zimmerman

Sniper 02 for Heretic
One of the best deathmatch levels ever created. :)...Date:01/22/96
Size:5.94 KB
Author:Peter Mathiasson

Deathmatch Wad for Heretic E1M1 Watch out for the traps....Date:02/05/95
Size:40.22 KB
Author:Robert Sarsorito

Fort of the Heretic
*************************************************** ** BE SURE TO READ THIS SECTION FOR MAXIMUM FUN ** *************************************************** If you like this wad mail my "Play Tester" Darrel: and tell him ...Date:01/15/18
Size:56.09 KB
Author:Paul Hruby

I Would Recommend This For Deathmatch Only. There IS A Way Out Of Every Pit....Date:08/09/95
Size:6.98 KB
Author:Adam Falwell

Small deathmatch level intended for well I donno what do you think. (Can be played solo)...Date:01/15/18
Size:5.31 KB
Author:Justin Bailey

Markroom for Heretic
This is a Heretic deathmatch wad based on the great Markroom wad for DOOM! For deathmatchers only....Date:08/09/95
Size:17.8 KB
Author:Penalty Shot (aka Mark Seybold)

HOUSE.WAD (Actually a small village)
Cool Deathmatch PWAD for Registered Heretic This PWAD has an open area with several houses and other buildings, complete with furniture (even toilets - nothing's better than having a friend's guts explode all over the toilet!). There are all kinds of...Date:01/07/18
Size:44.88 KB
Author:Ben Morrelli

Strictly DeathMatch level with surprises. Two wizards are put in for extra players....Date:08/15/95
Size:52.13 KB
Author:Travis Brown

This wad is unique in some ways. It's definately a kill fest, and wad designed as so. It's basically a very large room with an outer circle. Teleports abound, monsters abound. Try it as a deathmatch. When the monsters run thin, go get some more. Ther...Date:02/18/95
Size:39.11 KB
Author:Grant Slunt c/o J.Chabai

Heretic Chicken
I derrived this wad from the excellent Chicken.wad from Doom...the text file was not anywhere to be found for it, so I guess I have permission..its simply a long bridge with lots of weapons and items, and a pit full of monsters omn either side....Date:07/24/95
Size:3.17 KB
Author:Daniel Miller

Deathmatch Wad for multiplayer Doom II Similar to Doom II Lazerstorm. Extra rooms you can only get to by flying. I also added an exit to the WAD....Date:02/05/95
Size:11.38 KB
Author:Francis Manlunas

CrossRoads Trilogy for Heretic
A collection of three fast and furious Deathmatch wads for Heretic. All three share a common "CrossRoads" theme and have been optimized for 2 player action. Each level has a unique style of play and was designed with Heretic's exclusive features in m...Date:09/18/95
Size:70.98 KB
Author:Bill Derouin

Update to HT_FRAG.WAD adds more weapons :fixes the chicken in a hole bug....Date:04/29/95
Size:14.35 KB
Author:David Davidson

Since there is no cool heretic deathmatch levels I made my own! And It Kicks Butt! (I Hope) Small lots of Weapons and little health Detailed very good! Well I think so if you think level 7 of DoomII is great fun DM you will like this. Fun Teleporter ...Date:03/08/95
Size:37.53 KB
Author:Robert Davis (gumby)

Pro-Data DeathMatch Wad For Heretic #1
A Big, fast-action Heretic Deathmatch Wad. Good ambush spots, but don't stay in one spot too long. This is a frag-a-second style wad. With 4 players, someone will always be getting fragged. Check out the MAP!!!!!!...Date:03/01/95
Size:91.83 KB
Author:Jim Merritt

THEDARK.WAD (Don't be afraid...)
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Registered Heretic...Date:02/04/96
Size:28.24 KB
Author:The Forever Man (aka Jason Still)

IN YO FACE for HERETIC is a deathmatch only level. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of a windy lake-arena in the center with an upper level all around the rectangular perimeter. The players start in one o...Date:06/15/95
Size:14.11 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

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