Title: GULAG
Filename: levels/heretic/g-i/gulag.zip
Size: 1019.49 KB
Date: 02/16/97
Author: Jeff Weisend
Description: A five-level wad for Heretic, incorporating numerous new graphics. The appearance of each level is quite different; there is no unifying theme except that the action takes place on a series of islands. If I could have figured out how to replace the end screens, (assuming it's possible with Heretic), I would have named the levels:

1) On the Beach 2) Subterranea 3) Skull Mountain 4) The Flying Dutchman 5) Circus Maximus

Three of the levels are quite large (Circus Maximus is over 700K); I have been told that Gulag plays "too choppy" on a 486, so the wad may require a Pentium, or similar processor, for smooth gameplay.
Credits: Very special thanks to Lee Killough, for his invaluable help with special effects, wad doctoring, and overall tech support. Ken Phipps: Wad compilation assistance Robert Fenske, Jr.(WARM) Olivier Montanuy (WINTEX, DEUSF) Ben Morris (DCK) Colin Reed, Lee Killough (BSP)


* Play Information *

Installation Gulag consists of the following files: GULAG.WAD The five levels. GULAGGRF.WAD The new graphics. GULAG.BAT A batch file to install Gulag. DEUSF.BAT An installation utility. GULAG.TXT This file. Unzip GULAG.ZIP into your Heretic directory, and type GULAG. DEUSF will then merge the graphics wad with your Heretic wad, GULAG.WAD will be loaded, and you can play Heretic as usual, with Gulag replacing the first five levels of Episode 1. Command line options may be used. When you are finished playing, DEUSF will restore your main wad to its original state. Note that you cannot play Gulag with the usual -file option; it must be installed using GULAG.BAT (or the equivalent). I suppose the old precaution still applies: In the unlikely event of something unfortunate happening, be sure you still have your original Heretic installation disk(s) around.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK2.2, 3.61, Wintex3.4, BSP1.5, WARM1.6
Bugs: Edge overload at the beginning of Skull Mountain.
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