Title: HERETRIX - 8 different Levels for HERETIC Ep #3
Filename: levels/heretic/g-i/heretrix.zip
Size: 218.41 KB
Date: 06/12/18
Author: Kent the' Hacker
Description: Lots of secret/hidden areas & TRAPS too! try the walls each area you can, beware of the "easy to snag" rings, they make good trap-bait! The rooms have HIDDEN doors, passages, lowering- floors, (they are quiet compared to a door/lift) Some new levels, and a couple of hacked wads....

Look for the hidden areas w/the one sided walls, and for hidden teleports n' stuff by running along the walls. As well as hidden doors/lifts/lowering floors. Not all levels have these.....just some of them..... :)
Credits: ID, DEU, ME, MYSELF & I, and of course, my beta-testin dmatch partners, INVINCEBLE VINCE..... and his side-kick TROY!
Base: New levels from scratch/Modified MAP9/????.WAD
Build time: not specified
Editor(s) used: HEU, HEEP, NWT.
Bugs: Missing keys on E3M7 and E3M9. M9 can be beaten anyway by using wings but M7 is impossible to complete without SKEL or KITTY codes. Author mentions a mouse error in original text but that does not appear to be related to the WAD.
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