Filename: levels/heretic/g-i/herhouse.zip
Size: 1.04 MB
Date: 11/29/97
Author: Guy Babin
Credits: Level & animation designed and constructed by Guy Babin. The original design of the cat "God" by Sean Brock. The cigarette man is Mark Babin.

Voices performed by Guy Babin, Sean Brock, and Mark Babin.

Special thanks to James Ziegler for multi-playing testing.

Music programmed by Guy Babin, based on the theme from "Mission Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin.
Base: Modified version from #969.wad
Build time: 1 month on and off for a complete conversion.
Editor(s) used: WAUTHOR,DEUSF, and WINTEX 4.1.
Bugs: (unfortunately): Occasionally, you would see HOM (Hall of Mirrors)
Rating: (2 votes)
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Meh, a house wad. New sounds, new enemies and some wind effect usages are (indeed) stupid, the level itself is cramped like any house wad and locked doors are kinda messed up... 2/5. ~Naanx

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