Title: Khazad-dum for Heretic (version 1.1)
Filename: levels/heretic/j-l/hkhazd11.zip
Size: 305.05 KB
Date: 07/23/00
Author: Philippe lesire
Description: I tried to depict an episode of J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece, The Lord of The Rings (if you still haven't read it, do it NOW!). See the Background section for related extracts of the book.

So, what is it all about? Gandalf and his friends are on their way east. Their last resort to cross the mountains is to get through The Moria, city of Dwarves. Unfortunately, it has now become a dark and dangerous underground labyrinth. The east door is not very far now, but an oppressive feeling is growing... Will our fellows reach the valley of the Anduin river?
Credits: Patrice Deceuninck, for its great music. This very talented composer has given me permission to use one of his great tunes. Please do me a favor and visit his web site at:
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Started in 1996
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit, Deep, Heep, WinDeu32, Deutex, Wadson
Bugs: - Blackout effect between the chasm and the unexplored caves (due to height difference between ceilings, I guess) - General darkness throughout. Use gamma correction.
Rating: (8 votes)
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As the above reviewers have said, it's a little hard to rate as it's quite an atmospheric location to explore, but you can sneak out without seeing much of the map or even fighting all that much. Whether this is a flaw or a feature is up to you, after all, the point in the inspirational material was just getting to the other side safely, not cleaning the place out. Still, I would find it more fun if it were either bigger (more exploration) or had more intense combat. 3/5.x
Quite good! couldnt find the crossbow but the fire mace and phoenix rod helped for surex
This is from July 2000. It's hard to judge; as a playable map it suffers from the fact that you can run and climb straight through it almost without encountering any monsters at all, except for a final battle that you can dodge. On the other hand, it looks good and has atmosphere, and the great hall is spookily reminiscent of the Peter Jackson film, which was far in the future when the level was made. It's more a thing to explore and look at than play.x
Very good level design, one of the best Heretic level architecture I've got to see, but it strongly lack some sort of gameplay. If you know the route you can finish the level in less than a minute. Even playing the level in uvmax is really easy. 3/5. ~Naanx

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