Title: Shadowcaster
Filename: levels/heretic/s-u/shadow.zip
Size: 1.63 MB
Date: 09/09/02
Author: Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)
Description: A 21st century Heretic episode covering many styles of level, both traditional and unusual as well. Having achieved everything I wanted to in DooM 2, I have decided to move on to Heretic 'cos it's just as easy to make levels for it as it is for DooM. (although I will return to DooM afterwards) It's also a great game and I thought of some great ideas, many using Heretic's special features.

If you love puzzles, then prepare to be tested, because there are a wide variety of fiendish puzzles in this wad, covering all of Heretic's features, from the regular to the weird and wonderful!

Tests of skill also feature in this wad, again covering a wide range of Heretic's features.

For those of you who like secrets, there are at least 5 in each level. (quite often more than that....) And, once again, you'll be pleased to know that the secret level is VERY well hidden.....

And you'll be even more pleased to know that I have made an effort with the lighting this time! (even though the lack of texture/flat based lighting makes it a bit harder to do in Heretic, as there is only thing based lighting, which should all oscillate)

In short, prepare to be challenged, in more ways than one!
Credits: The creators of Heretic and all those custom levels and episodes made for it. (there may be not as many but they're still class!)
Base: My creative mind (And lots of inspiration from a wide variety of sources)
Build time: 5 months
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex 4.3, HereHackEd, NewWadTool 1.3
Bugs: The first 7 letters of each level title don't appear on the intermission screen (I needed all the title
Rating: (30 votes)
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