Title: 11th Hour Stauf Wad
Filename: levels/heretic/s-u/staufh.zip
Size: 63.14 KB
Date: 11/12/05
Author: Mitch Feldman
Description: A reproduction of the Stauf mansion from The 11th Hour: The Sequel To The 7th Guest. PLAY DEATHMATCH WITH MONSTERS. STAUF.WAD is for DOOM, STAUF2.WAD is for DOOM2, STAUFH.WAD is for HERETIC. Very simple. An example command line for DOOM is C:\DOOM>DOOM -FILE STAUF.WAD The same would apply for the rest of the WADs. I tried to keep the WADS as easy to play as possible. You will find tons of ambush points and secrets. I got a little carried away with the HERETIC WAD, there are a few more secret areas. Hope you enjoy the Wads, I Had fun making them.
Credits: Chad Soares for all of his er... relentless helpful comments. Jeff Buccellato, the stress master. Every one at Trilobyte, who by the way are very cool people to work with. And without a doubt ID.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK. NWT. DM2CONV.
Bugs: What the heck is a Trilobyte anyway?
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Amazing doom wads of the Stauf manton.x
Although not that great of a level, it's a faithful recreation of the Stauf mansion in 7th Guest and 11th Hour, as well as being created by the lead programmer of the afore mentioned two games. (Per the included Stauf_.txt file, it was included on CD 1 (of 4) of 11th Hour, and I was surprised that no one had uploaded it previously (due to it's historical/cross-pla tform value). - RFNagelx

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