Title: UnBeliever
Filename: levels/heretic/s-u/unbeliev.zip
Size: 695.92 KB
Date: 07/28/19
Author: Ryath/scwiba
Description: A whole new dimension of UnAligned! The death of the Icons of Sin shattered reality and thrust you into a strange dimension of swords and sorcery. Now you must survive three distinct, dastardly episodes and defeat the three D'Sparils!

UnBeliever is a three-episode, vanilla Heretic megaWAD where each episode offers a different gameplay experience and are designed to be played in any order. E1 has lots of gimmicky combat scenarios, mostly focused on Heretic's unique gadgets. E2's maps are ultra short and action- packed, built with only 100 linedefs a piece. And E3's trials require quick thinking and quicker reflexes.
Credits: Raven Software id Software CodeImp, anotak, and SlayeR -- creators of Doom Builder, DBX, and SLADE TITLEPIC font, GGothique MK, by Manfred Klein Playtesters: DavidXNewton Gez kakhome1 Manhs Maul Not Jabba Xindage DECORATE and MAPINFO help from DavidXNewton ZScript by anotak Special Thanks to Not Jabba for making UnBeliever compatible with The Wayfarer's Tome And to Jayextee for the bomb-ass TITLEPIC art
Base: None
Build time: Built primarily in November of 2018, with additional work done sporadically from the the following December through June
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder X, SLADE3
Bugs: 1) The WAD contains a DECORATE fix for ZDoom- family ports which tries to approximate vanilla behavior of explosive gasbags, as well as correcting the amount of damage that D'Sparil should take from crushers (both of which are central to how E3M8 plays). The fix is close but not perfect, so if you want the "authentic" experience of this map, play in vanilla or Chocolate. 2) An HHE patch is included in the zip for use with vanilla and Chocolate Heretic, which contains new map and episode titles. However, there is a bug in Chocolate Heretic where the new titles will be overridden by the original map titles on the intermission screen. In addition, because of the limits of the format, some of the titles had to be shortened. Any port that supports MAPINFO will display the full, correct titles. Otherwise, refer to the section below for a complete list. 3) GZDoom has a bug where you can fall off some parts of the invisible platforms in E3M2 but don't fall all the way into the lava below. 4) Some objects flicker in and out when playing in vanilla or any ports that cap the number of sprites onscreen. Most noticeable in E2M8 and E3M8. 5) Pretty minor drawseg overflows in E3M7, in addition to visual glitches with the sky if you get up high enough.
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