Title: Underground Passage
Filename: levels/heretic/s-u/upassage.zip
Size: 46.74 KB
Date: 04/29/00
Author: Pritesh Mistry [Ice]
E-mail: pmistry_@go.com
Description: Monster traps abound as you run through the passage. Remember to use the chaos device when stuck.
Base: New level fron scratch.
Build time: About 2 weeks
Editor(s) used: DCK v3.62, Zennode v0.98a, WadAuthor v1.3, WinTex v4.3
Bugs: Possible Buffer Under Run or Overun errors when saving, if so use Wheretic instead.
Rating: (1 vote)
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It's sort of an E3-ish level with a few E2-ish elements, but it's inferior to the Raven maps in every respect. The visuals aren't the worst but not great, and the gameplay is a shoddy affair of running back and forth along what amounts to a long corridor, seeing what side areas opened up, with rather haphazard monster placement. The final area was probably supposed to be an epic battle, but I walked onto the exit without fighting.x

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