Title: Valley of Saints
Filename: levels/heretic/v-z/vos.zip
Size: 213.08 KB
Date: 10/06/13
E-mail: ettingrinder@hush.com
Description: Watched by towering monuments to the greatest of D'Sparil's disciples, the Valley of Saints is full of certain death to any heretic that dare enter. Never the less, it is your quest to reach the chapel at the summit of the cliff and destroy the evil within. Following an ancient cavern passage, you ready your wand and prepare to enter the valley.

There is a firemace, and it may appear early, late, or not at all. You'll have to adjust to your fortunes accordingly. If you find yourself low on ammo, remember your wand and bombs.

This WAD is tested to be fully vanilla compatible. When designing the layout, my guiding principle was that it should be possible to go through the level with multiple variant routes. I'd be interested in any speedruns or other vanilla demos you come up with.
Credits: RottKing & Esselfortium, for some of the texture edits from MEDIVLTX.WAD.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About a month
Editor(s) used: Eureka, WARM, SLADE
Bugs: A certain waterfall texture is misaligned. It looks fine in the Eureka preview, so I'm not sure what's wrong with it. Monsters in big rooms (south valley, cathedral) may hear prematurely, but those cases should all be worked around with ambush flags. Would like to know what causes the bug, though.
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