Title: Water City v1.0
Filename: levels/heretic/v-z/watrcity.zip
Size: 204.51 KB
Date: 05/06/99
Author: J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)
Description: In the Dome of D'Sparil there is an ancient underwater city that has recently been taken over by the minions of the dark wizard. It is your responsibility to remove the foul presence of these evil creatures from this place! City of the Damned? That was mere practice compared to the beings you must face here!

Although it may seem like there are large amounts of ammo (like Wand Crystals and Ethereal Arrows), the ammo IS limited. This is particularly true on the higher difficulty levels when there are many more creatures out to get you.
Credits: Matt Fell and Hank Leukart, for all their useful documents pertaining to DOOM, the various utility authors who made the tools that allowed the creation of this WAD, Raven Software for making great modifications of the engine, and id Software, for their excellent 3D games.
Base: A UAC facility on Phobos. Oh, I mean, all new level from scratch!
Build time: Somewhere in the area of 3 months
Editor(s) used: DETH v3.00 WARM v1.5 NWT v1.3
Bugs: If there were any bugs that I knew of and I still released this, I would go to hell.
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Good level I liked it!x
Good looks; not great looks. Good feel; not great feel. Very easy, and of medium length. Worth a playthrough. --TDotWx
Beautiful atmospheric map with a nice cathedral at the end! A must play!x

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