Title: The Ranger
Filename: levels/hexen/0-9/13-rgr.zip
Size: 4.7 MB
Date: 12/11/11
Author: TerminusEst13
Description: Hello, this is my first mod. Please don't bite.

This is really a simple mod. Two of the biggest complaints I've had with Hexen is that A: the classes don't feel like actual people or characters, and B: for having so few weapons, none of them feel very fun to use. The game quickly became tedious. So, because I really wanted to play Hexen, I decided to make a new class. Enter Terry Holtzer the Ranger, a gunslinger woodsman with a snarky attitude. While many would disparage an inclusion of guns in Hexen, and for very good reason, I tried my best to make the guns have an archaic or medieval feel to them. There's no rapid-fire gatling rockets, no BFG energy weapons that spray ion proton neutrons or other science stuff, it's strictly early black powder, kinetic energy, a lot of historical inaccuracy, and a little magic.

Hopefully it works, and hopefully this helps other people to enjoy the underrated game that is Hexen. Thank you very much for your time. Please, have fun.
Credits: You, for downloading this. For the rest, please see below. I have quite a hefty list.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: July to December 2011 - Half a fucking year!
Editor(s) used: Slade 3, Photoshop, MSPaint, Audacity
Bugs: 1: The Scrapbox rounds don't move when nailed to moving objects, and can get nailed to the sky. It's interesting to try and figure how this would work logically, but I just have no damn clue how to fix this. 2: In Skulltag, the difficulty settings for the Ranger are way off to the side, rather than being centered. I have no clue why. 5: When playing in Skulltag 98d's Software mode, random sprites have odd grey splotches on them. Not in a more recent ZDoom or in ST's Hardware mode, though. 4: If you play Fighter with this mod loaded, you'll find your weapon pickup and HUD sprites have changed into something else. You can still play normally, but things will look pretty weird. 5: Related to above, the GiveAll and GiveWeapons cheats seriously fuck the Fighter--giving him his weapons but unable to actually select them. If you play honestly and aren't a cheating munchkin, then you shouldn't encounter this. 6: I don't have a widescreen monitor, so a sprite or two may look weird in widescreen.
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