Title: Amokhex
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/amokhex.zip
Size: 56.4 KB
Date: 07/28/98
Author: Speeed
Base: ...................The Doom pwad....Doomed to Run Amok
Build time: .............Over 2 YEARS
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: .............Probably more than a few as I don't intend to relearn Bem Borris's DCK so they might be fixed. Yea, I know thats not his name but I got no respect for the boy.
Rating: (5 votes)

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Wolfen: I tried to finish it but i can't, because it is that weak.x
Quite some epic boss fights. They're not frustrating, thanks to the items. 4/5 - printzx
Very bad texturing and level progression. I found Yorrik's skull, but I don't think it had any purpose. I beat the level, but I barely killed anything. And it felt like the Fire Wyvern and Heresiarch had no reason to be in the level. Very poor work overall.x

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