Title: Bastion of Chaos
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/bast_cha.zip
Size: 36.08 KB
Date: 03/01/96
Author: Idries Hamadi
Description: My first HeXen level. This level's concept will probably be incorperated into one of the levels in my other current DOOM ][ project (as yet unnamed). This is the first time I've designed a level with both Single Player and Co-op / Deathmatch in mind, and I think that it will be pretty good for all types of play. There are alot of bad guys tho' so it would be a good idea to use -nomonsters on Deathmatch. I haven't polished it as much as I'd like to. If I get some feedback (hint), then I'll probably align those textures and fix the glitter bridge. I might also add difficulty settings if asked nicely. I might re-release this wad with a nice demo in it as well *:)

Note to Deathmatch players: I have not played this version of the level on Deathmatch. On the one that I did play with, the teleports did not always work, I'm not sure if I've fixed this or not. Also, on Deathmatch, there is a Porkalator in each corner of the level, and a Chaos Device in the middle. This will UN-porkalate you as well as moving you to one of the start points. If you Pork your "firend" it's a good idea to get the Chaos Device before he does.
Credits: id and RAVEN for making DOOM. And the makers of HETH, the best(only) HEXEN level editor around.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: HETH (v1.00 I think)
Bugs: It tends to slow down alot due to the number of monsters. I'm planning to put some "mosters cannot cross" lindefs in so that you can't get swamped. But that may (or may not) come later. There are a few misaligned textures and you can get the serpent to spawn onto a Dark Bishop at the end, if you're quick!
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Bland, deathmatchy design of a big swampy box with a tower in the middle, packed with ettins and a few other creatures here and there. Pointless. 1.x
Too short. 2/5. printzx

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