Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/castle2.zip
Size: 76.79 KB
Date: 07/23/96
Author: Jason Merkel
Description: THIS IS THE STORY: Your freind tells you that he herd of a castle where the Korax goes after he destors a world. When you here that your world is next you go and try to distory him by going to his castle to kill him first, so you go to a wizard and for a fue gold coins he teleports you to Korax's castle. When you get to the castle its diserted exsept for a fuw gards in the dungen, so you clear the castle then you go throw the last teleport and it puts you in a small woods. When you start walking throw it then a spot in the grownd start rising and the FIGHTER, MAGE, and a CLERK comes out and start fighting. After you killed them you step on the spot where they came from and it lowers you to a teleporter swich. When you hit it it takes you to where this jurny began. You start walking back to the castle when you see the army of ETTINS protecting the castle, but they cant pass the gate (HINT) then you kill all of them you go back in to the castle and jump into the face of the enemy (HINT) and go into a teleaport. (END OF MAP01)

In the daze of the teleport you are in a limbo of lands. Then you see a window that shows you an outpost neer your land. In your fit of rage you jump into the window and teleports you to the out post.

(BEGINING OF MAP07) You standup and look arownd. You see the outpost and a hamer in foront of of you, so you pick up the hammer and charge the castle. You jump over the mote just as the spikes start to rise from thr ground you make it in time to get in to the cort yard. Then you kill the little of the foes that where there; you stand there and look over your trifunt victoy and find your way home. (END OF MAP07)

A while passes and you live in happyness. Until one night you hear a horific laugh in you dreams. The voice says "I'm not done with your land yet BOY! HAHAHAHAHA!" The next day you decide to go back to the outpost and bild up your artillary and wate fo a rade. After you gande some wepons you go back to the out post and on the way you realise that the reasion there after you is because when you where in the castle you stole the sorse of Korex's power, the staues skull, so you know Korex wont show.

(BEGINING OF MAP13) When you arive at the outpost you see whats left of Korax's army comeing, so you run for the emery teleorpter that takes you to the midale of the castle and you run for the swichs that will raise the spikes and lower the brige. After you kill all the monsters you stand at the top of the castle a survay the outpost and screm "VICTORY!" THE END
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Hck 3.3
Rating: (4 votes)

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Wolfen: Strange as hell... And short.x
Moved me to tearsx
At first I was going to say bad, not awful, because while it starts out noobish with a very lame keyfest, I expected it to improve, instead, it got worse. There are hints of good ideas here and there, but the construction is incompetent throughout, the second and third maps have nasty HOM problems in some areas, and those two maps also feel more like lame deathmatch maps than anything. Item placement is messed up, lots of weapons, very little health, strange monster placement. Overall... awful.x

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