Title: The Ceren
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/ceren01.zip
Size: 62.26 KB
Date: 12/24/95
Author: Ben L. Brooks
Description: A single player and multiplayer .wad for Hexen. You awaken alone (or with a friend) locked in a strange dungeon cell. You don't remember who you are or why you are here, but you do know that you must escape.
Credits: David, for playing the AD&D campaign that gave me my novel idea. My hero and savior Marc (kingmarc@cris.com) who helped me with a few of my scripts.
Base: New level based on my original AD&D map.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: HETH (many versions)(There can be only one.)
Bugs: Incorrect Reject data causes a few "SAFE" sectors. E-Mail me if you find anything wrong.
Rating: (7 votes)
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couldnt find the axe key and gave up - nice architecture for '95x
A few issues: 1. When I start the game it starts on the cliff on the other side with portal leading to Seven Portals. I used the "INIT" cheat and it took me to actual dungeon 2. This map isn't the best for single-player mode - but it would make a fantastic Deathmatch map. 3. A couple of HOMs near the windows. 4. Textures overall are boring - even though it's a dungeon, a lot more imagination is needed to make it less dull I think. It's not an AWFUL wad, so I award 3 stars :)x
Wolfen: Impressive, I can't believe that this is from '95.x
A single level from what was apparently intended to be a set of maps, it's competently made, but nothing particularly exciting or memorable. You start out in a dungeon and must escape the castle. Requires some searching for subtle triggers. Scripts are a bit heavy-handed and AFAIK the keys to the locked doors are not findable (must have been intended to be in other levels.) Average.x

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