Title: The Chaos Fountain
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/chaosftn.zip
Size: 15.89 KB
Date: 02/18/96
Author: Brian Waak
Description: After the portal to the Chaos Realm was opened, the evil forces of Korax began pouring through, spreading terror, pain, and destruction throughout the world. Those who weren't killed outright were turned into monsters for the evil army, or just for some power's amusement. They have built a temple around the portal, which continues to spew out new horrors every day. This fountain of Chaos is the heart of the evil power on this world- and also its greatest weakness! Now the few survivors who have not joined with Korax have discovered that many of the powerful objects used by the evil army are erupting from the same Chaos Fountain that the monsters themselves are. You are the last survivor(s) of the group sent to steal some of these items for humanity. It is hoped that, if you survive in the heart of Chaos long enough, you will be powerful enough to wipe the plague of darkness from the world, maybe even track Korax back to his lair and vanquish him. Good luck - because luck is all you have.
Credits: ID and Raven software for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen, Ben Morris (bmorris@islandnet.com) for HCK, Ben Morris & Ben Gokey for the Official Hexen Technical Specs, and Ted Briggs and Andrew Goodsell for helping me test it multiplayer. :) Maybe we'll get a stable connection someday, guys.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: a couple of hours for the level, about 4 days to get all the scripts written & working.
Editor(s) used: HCK 3.0beta (I'll register as soon as I have some extra cash- great program!), various text editors for the scripts (you knew that, didn't you) :), and Raven's ACC compiler for the script objects.
Bugs: Sometimes the fountain doesn't raise/lower all the way before erupting again, and it'll occasionally just plain stop moving! That last one is _really_ annoying because it hangs the puzzle script, preventing exit. Doesn't happen much, though. Also, the PolyObjects sometimes don't display right, especially when retracted into the walls, but this is a minor bug. I'm working on it! :)
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I certainly understand the appeal - but there are a few issues, mainly of a glitch nature. It's definitely not a boring map, it's just not very fun. 2 stars.x

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