Title: Chaos Rush v1.0
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/chaosrsh.zip
Size: 40.73 KB
Date: 05/16/99
Author: J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)
Description: I created this back in 1997 as an experiment to learn the new features of Hexen. As you can tell by the rather square nature of the map, I started playing with Hexen right after I finished WATRCITY.WAD for Heretic.

The map consists of a central icey area which branches out and expands as you proceed to hit switches, though there aren't that many. I made this to learn many of the features present in the original MAP39, so there are one or two things (such as the crushers) which should only kill you if you're really crazy and run under one. :)

I'll admit, this level is short, hard, and not for everyone. Try playing not only on varying skill levels, but also with different classes. It's considerably harder to complete with the Fighter then it is with the Cleric, and the Mage has a fair time due to his distance weapons. The enemies vary by class too, so bear that in mind as well.

This makes a great DM map, as there's a nice amount of supplies but not too much to make any one class overbearing. It's hilarious to see an enemy chase after you with a much more powerful weapon, only to be frozen solid by the ice shards in the central area of the map. Use this section to your advantage!

Finally, thanks to the freaky numbering in the retail Hexen maps, this is MAP39 but you'll need to do a "-warp 30" on the command line, NOT "-warp 39".
Credits: Matt Fell and Hank Leukart, for all their useful documents pertaining to DOOM, the various utility authors who made the tools that allowed the creation of this map, Raven Software for making great modifications of the engine, and id Software, for their excellent 3D games.
Base: A UAC facility on Phobos. Oh, I mean, all new level from scratch!
Build time: About 2 weeks on and off.. I think.
Editor(s) used: HETH v3.92 WARM v1.5 NWT v1.3
Bugs: If there were any bugs that I knew of and I still released this, I would go to hell.
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I still think I prefer the original "Vivarium", mainly because there was nothing as chaotic, and I didn't seem to be in a rush on this map - quite a boring map. 2 stars.x
Smallish level inspired by the "Vivarium" level and using some of the same elements, though not too much of a knockoff thereof. Thematically a mix of the tomb and ice themes, including wendigoes. Somewhat fun, and no major flaws, but nothing spectacular.x

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