Title: DTB Battle
Filename: levels/hexen/d-f/dtbattle.zip
Size: 67.04 KB
Date: 12/20/95
Author: Brandon Evans (Redwolf)
Description: Takes place in an old castle. The best part about this wad is that no matter where you start, you have a chance. So after your buddy whoops you you can come right back and whoop him. There are no places to hide and stock up on ammo and stuff so don't bother to look for a safe spot. This wad keeps the Action going. There is even a stream and a beautifull 2000 foot waterfall.
Base: I built this one from scratch. Just used a pen and paper and went to work
Build time: Huuummmmm....I'd say ummm.... about 20 hours.
Editor(s) used: I used Heth 1.03 and Zennode .95, there both awsome
Bugs: Well, I don't know if the exit door opens or not Can only tell in co-op mode.
Rating: (3 votes)
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Wolfen: Stuck Death Wyverns.x
Don't listen to the other guy. Sure I can't exit (besides nocliping), but this wad I do like 3/5.x
Seems to be a misfiled DM wad. As SP goes, it is shit. Multiple mis-configured death wyverns which make an awful din, no exit, and no ability to even get to one area without cheats due to falling damage. +1 star for it not having been as ugly as it could have been and for not testing it in DM.x

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