Title: Fucking Hexen
Filename: levels/hexen/d-f/fh.zip
Size: 788.65 KB
Date: 11/10/16
Author: Matthias (enkeli33)
Description: Fucking HeXen is a fucking megawad with new six fucking 90s-style maps. The whole hub was made as "Hexen in Hexen format" in Doomb Builder 2. Recommended engines: Zdoom, Zandronum (or Skulltag) or Gzdoom. The others was never tested. Also I'd like to recommend to set Gamma Correction to 1 and Brightness to 0.0, otherwise the game will be too way dark or too way bright (but it depends also on your monitor and if you use software or hardware renderer in the game).

Note: This is version 2.0.
Credits: Creators of Doom Engine (ID Software) and HeXen (Raven Software), people on https://liquiddoom.net/, creators of Doom Builder 2 and Slade 3. Microsoft for Windows...
Base: New from scratch
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2 and Slade 3 and MS Paint
Bugs: The whole megawad is a bug
Rating: (24 votes)
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Very funny, fun to play, easy to enjoy. Definitely worth the time.x
Well, I've went into it, reached the castle level with 300 monsters, got bored and killed them all with a cheat and then quit. Meeeeh... This WAD consists of bland areas, straight-forward progression (even with levels having multiple yet all mandatory paths) and overabundance of monsters. I'd suggest to replace all monsters with Centaurs but this would make the fights even more tedious. The jokes are not bad, though and "fire temple" level was better than the overall.x
With awesome gameplay and interesting jokes, it's a non-traditional traditional Hexen levelset!x
The Ultimate DooMer
Too many fucking items :P (esp. fucking health/ammo) It's not bad tbh, some neat-looking areas and particularly the large-scale encounters. It comes across as a normal vanilla-style Hexen hub with a few fucks thrown in.x
Far better than the title and TXT would have you believe. It's peppered with jokes and offensive elements (both in terms of the messages and in sometimes deliberately annoying design) but the larger part of it plays like an ordinary Hexen WAD and a fairly good one at that. Not for the "serious business" player, sure, but a set that seems to "get" what makes Hexen Hexen even when poking fun at it, and goes well beyond the dregs of "I made a garbage map on purpose, so funny" type of "joke" WADs.x

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