Title: Church of Korax 1.1
Filename: levels/hexen/deathmatch/g-i/hexcok2.zip
Size: 43.41 KB
Date: 11/09/95
Author: Stuart Presley (Vovin)
Description: Hexen deathmatch from scratch. This is an open large building in the center of a courtyard, a cemetary and crypt are off of the courtyard as well. Currently this is basically DM only. As soon as the final editors come out with the mods to the linedefs and whatnot I'll turn it into a Single Player Wad. IOW: Doors and Switchs.... Ouch! I left a few test subjects in the original that should not have made it out....Therefor I am re-releasing this one. Along with a few more minor changes. I moved the big tombstone to a 90 degree angle to eliminate the LOS error I was getting.
Credits: To Raven, id, people who made DETH, and HETH and to the ones who made Zennode.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Heth, Zennode .95b
Bugs: Basically, the only bug is that if you get the wings and fly to the top of the map you will see over the walls, hence you will see the ugly lines that make the bottom of the SKY grafx. There is no exit.
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