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Shooting Gallery for Hexen
Gallery.wad is a shooting gallery. Spawn monsters by hitting the targets, then shoot them before they shoot you. This is a great place to practice your Hexen skills. You get unlimited ammo. Go to the back of the gallery to get supplies. There are f...Date:03/12/97
Size:13.32 KB
Author:David Meurin

Garden of Delight
A small Hexen adventure. The Serpent Riders have been banished, yet chaos still corrupts this land. It's up to you to investigate....Date:08/09/10
Size:48.72 KB

Only one level where I have wanted to show the biggest number of functions that it can be carried out with the scripts....Date:01/23/01
Size:76.96 KB
Author:Ruddy Palacios R.

s H#969.WAD is a Hexen conversion from #969.WAD [MAIN .WAD and NHOUSE.WAD as well], the Ultimate DOOM version. This first wad (level) was drawn and reconstructed to match the house I've lived most of my life... BEWARE........Date:04/24/97
Size:59.23 KB
Author:Guy Babin

HeXen: The Dark Tower ver. 1.1
Nothing in the levels has changed. the only thing that has changed is the zip file. it was corrupt and gave a shit load of error messages. thats all that's been changes....Date:04/18/96
Size:290.81 KB
Author:Paul A. Thureen, Chris D. Cook

Hexen Again Wad
My Second attempt at a wad, hope it doesn't suck too mightily, if you don't like it so what. Conversion from Heretic to Hexen...Date:01/24/96
Size:47.3 KB
Author:Dave Bolin

A awesome 1 level deathmatch wad for the newest cool game, HEXEN. Haven't figured out how to do switches and doors yet, but its still cool....Date:10/30/95
Size:8.96 KB
Author:Michael Lawrence

Hexcity for Hexen
Hexcity is a modern, medieval walled city. If you get past the gate, you can go to the theatre or the art gallery. Enjoy the restaurant, which is supplied by the butcher shop next door, which is supplied by the graveyard next door.The city has been c...Date:11/15/96
Size:162.08 KB
Author:David Meurin

Hexen DeathMatch V 1.1
First DeathMatch dedicated Hexen wad in history! Re-organised weapons, new maps, new stuff....Date:04/04/13
Size:852.96 KB

Size:29.18 KB
Author:Jason Blevins

Two levels intended for DeathMatch, Single or Coop. Loads of fun to play. Pentium power recommended for single/co-op play. Be careful when you play-there are earthquakes! There are plenty of p...Date:11/26/95
Size:120.53 KB
Author:Jorge Enrique Torres

I really don't what to call this thing except that it is a little bigger than most of the HEXEN wads I've seen so far, and it is got a lot of action for sure. I don't know how it works in deathmatch, but it LOOKS like a good deathmatch PWAD. Single p...Date:10/31/95
Size:41 KB
Author:John Diamond
This is the Shotgun3.wad (old doom2 dm level) converted over to hexen.Because of the limitations of the editor the doors and a exit are not included.But it's still one hell of a death match level.The map it self was not changed at all....Date:11/08/95
Size:10.86 KB
Just a light wad for hexen....Date:10/15/95
Size:1.04 KB

Hexen celebrates Christmas....Date:12/27/13
Size:37.67 KB
Author:Alzar Parias

Hexen: Mission Arrgh
I made this level mainly for single player.. but it is fun in Deathmatch also.. I think Hexen has more possibilities for single player levels than Deathmatch (and is a little more fun ), but they all are cool.. This level is a lot bigger than any ...Date:11/19/95
Size:69.16 KB
Author:Andy Kendall

level 1: Depths of Hatred level 2: Blood of the Innocent level 3: City of the Demons
Finally, a user created hub for Hexen, that lets you play the game the way it was meant to be. ADDENDUM: I spent over 100 hrs. on this project editing and testing on my P-100, only to find that the third level does not run worth a fuck on my frien...Date:02/01/96
Size:252.57 KB
Author:Steve Parker

The Monastary of Korax ver1.0
You've managed to travel from the Church into the mountains. A clearing becomes viewable. As you round the crest of the mountain you see before you a large castlelike building. Creeping through the trees you come upon the entrance. Judging by the sta...Date:11/15/95
Size:69.85 KB
Author:Stuart Presley

Hexen: The Pits
You'll have to use your wits and wings and icons wisely to escape this level. It is tricky to figure out how to exit!...Date:12/29/95
Size:16.24 KB
Author:Tim Rodriguez - Age 8 (

HexQuak2 for HEXEN Final 1.0
Size:179.54 KB
Author:Yvon Lariviere Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

HexQuak3 for HEXEN Final 1.0 "The last night"
Quand la nuit tombe, il se passe des choses etranges....Date:07/12/96
Size:179.63 KB
Author:Yvon Lariviere Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

HexQuak5 for HEXEN Final 5.0
map01 Hexquake: With some new features....Date:11/29/12
Size:1.35 MB
Author:Yvon Lariviere Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

HexQuake for HEXEN Final 1.0
Size:163.75 KB
Author:Yvon Lariviere Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

SINGLE PLAYER wad with scripting and a small plot...Date:01/16/96
Size:68.67 KB

The Salt Mines
Two levels intended for DeathMatch, Single or Coop. Loads of fun to play. After being dragged back to base, to be punished for insolence, you kill your guard and prepare to fight your way back to the Bitter valley to release your family from their en...Date:05/12/06
Size:93.96 KB
Author:Jonathan Holman (aka Blackfist1)

Lair of Thieves
After capturing the chaos sphere from Korax, you returned to Earth and soon, with the aid of the sphere's power, you became the ruler of a powerful kingdom. Soon followers flocked to you and among them you found your most trusted aid, the wizard Ferr...Date:04/16/96
Size:125.41 KB
Author:Peter Ruderman

The BF Wad
My latest Wad for HEXEN, complete w/scripts, This is a complete five level hub. (Plus a secret 6th level) I am kinda proud of the lighting effects and the work I did with the shadows. Believe it or not this started off as one level but got too slow, ...Date:05/13/96
Size:128.94 KB
Author:Dave Bolin

Hexen Un_wad
My First attempt at a wad, hope it doesn't suck too mightily, if you don't like it so what...Date:01/23/96
Size:80.24 KB
Author:Dave Bolin

Hero's Quest
In Hero's Quest, you are a hero who has no memory of his past. You wake up in the jail cell in some unknown castle. You have to fight your way out....Date:06/12/18
Size:39.22 KB
Author:Matt Maslin

A fortress type map....Date:06/12/18
Size:69.32 KB

Oltion's Clock
A good single player wad, implementing some scripts....Date:03/02/96
Size:72.79 KB
Author:Greg Frohn

City Of Despair
A single player and multiplayer .wad for Hexen. You must make your way through the 'city' to find the switches that will open the gate and lower the pillar giving access to the FlameMask. Once the gate is open, you will then make your way down the pa...Date:11/21/95
Size:94.05 KB
Author:Marc R. Bublitz

Castle Of Defeat
A single player and multiplayer .wad for Hexen. You must go in and retake the castle. Be warned, however, this task will not be easy. The castle is well stocked with troops, and there is a Wyvern keeping guard over it. You must find the switches to r...Date:12/04/95
Size:73.51 KB
Author:Marc R. Bublitz

Hexen: The Morgue
Fast paced deathmatch PWAD for Hexen. If you've played the demo of Hexen, you've probably noticed that it has a lot of great single player action, but that in Deathmatch, it leaves something to be desired. Here's our contribution. Have you ever wa...Date:10/09/95
Size:14.04 KB
Author:Eric Duprey ( {IRC: NetShadow}

Mark Summers (

Poly Ob
A maze type map....Date:01/07/18
Size:73.63 KB

Temple Teracculus V1.0
I wanted to make a PWAD that was filled with my favorite elements. (Action/Adventure/Challenge). So here is my first attempt. This is the first in a series of three levels I will be releasing. Step into Temple Teracculus, where Yorick awaits you. B...Date:12/26/95
Size:80.72 KB
Author:Stephen R Bradley

Indiana Jones
This is a new HeXeN level based on the popular movie "Raiders Of the Lost Ark." It is based on the opening scene of the movie, and is as closse to the real thing as I could get it. The only thing I could not make was the rolling boulder, but I...Date:01/24/96
Size:29.85 KB

Ice Prison (v1.0)
I created this level for the Zauberer project. Ice Prison is a small Hexen level set in a prison placed in a icy region. I would be the ideal beginning for an Hexen hub, if one day I will make one. The intention was to have it Vanilla Hexen compatibl...Date:08/01/16
Size:83.67 KB
Author:Angry Saint

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