Title: H#969.WAD
Filename: levels/hexen/g-i/h969.zip
Size: 59.23 KB
Date: 04/24/97
Author: Guy Babin
Description: s H#969.WAD is a Hexen conversion from #969.WAD [MAIN .WAD and NHOUSE.WAD as well], the Ultimate DOOM version. This first wad (level) was drawn and reconstructed to match the house I've lived most of my life... BEWARE.....
Credits: RAVEN Software for making "HEXEN" and making ways for us, folks, to edit HEXEN.

SAMS Publishing for providing the map editors and utilities with their book&CD "3D Game Alchemy" (Includes WADAUTHOR by Williston Consulting).

WizardWorks for the product of "D!ZONE GOLD: 3000 Best-Ever Levels" which provided its own setup in using the CONV2HEX utility (taking the $WAD$x.WAD file, etc.) from the D! 2.0 system. Well done, I've been looking for this system without any further hassle in understanding how the actual CONV2HEX works.... Thanks.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: 3 weeks on and off in converting it from DOOM.
Editor(s) used: D! 2.0 [Its own CONV2HEX setup] and WADAUTHOR.
Bugs: Occasionally, you may see HOM (Hall of Mirrors) effects but should not interfere with the game's functions...
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dylux: Fuck this mod. It's ugly and boring.x
The map's detail is ugly, it looks like shit. The cave key is outside, which is required for one of the doors in the basement. But walking outside is just a death trap. You find the cave key in a corner, return to the basement. When you go down the stairs and teleport down into the basement, it looks like there's a wall preventing you from going down. It's just a texture which you CAN PASS through. You open the cave key door and grab a castle key, but then all the other doors need a axe key. 0 stars.x
As the text file gives warning to, this is a Doom map based on the author's house and converted to Hexen with an automated tool. Predictably, it's a steaming pile of fail with tiny, cramped layout and no rhyme or reason to any of the texturing. 0.x

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