Title: The BF Wad
Filename: levels/hexen/g-i/hex_bf.zip
Size: 128.94 KB
Date: 05/13/96
Author: Dave Bolin
Description: My latest Wad for HEXEN, complete w/scripts, This is a complete five level hub. (Plus a secret 6th level) I am kinda proud of the lighting effects and the work I did with the shadows. Believe it or not this started off as one level but got too slow, this forced me to turn it into a hub, and learn the scripting language. (AHHHHH! I still haven't figured it all out).

It was developed on a 486DX-40 (running at 50) with a Trident 1 meg video card (ISA). And 20 meg of ram The sound card was a Sound Blaster 2.0. It runs great on my AM5x86-133 w/ a Diamond Stealth 64 2meg vram, AWE32, and 20 meg of ram.

It still may run a little slow on slower machines. At least until you kill off the geeks. IMHO, this wad kicks ass. I still don't consider it to be done, but realise that I could twiddle with it forever.
Credits: id, Raven, DCK 3.4, Ben Morris for the editor and Hexen specs. Every Doom head and Heretic / Hexen addict on this planet and elsewhere, my kids (the beta testers from hell) for deathmatch testing. (I died a thousand deaths.) The family that deathmatches together stays together.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK3.4, Zennode
Bugs: One or two that I just can't seem to track down. Nothing big. I would appreciate any feedback on any of the little critters (bugs) you run across, especially if you know how to solve them.
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Not the worst but quite poor none the less. The level design tries to be interesting at times, but it's overall pretty noobish, and the item placement is far too generous--once you're stocked up, you can spam your ultimate weapon more or less to your heart's content as long as you remember to chug the kraters.x

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