Filename: levels/hexen/g-i/hexelent.zip
Size: 120.53 KB
Date: 11/26/95
Author: Jorge Enrique Torres
Description: Two levels intended for DeathMatch, Single or Coop. Loads of fun to play.
Pentium power recommended for single/co-op play.
Be careful when you play-there are earthquakes! There are plenty of pitfalls and perils-BUT there is a wrath of god. Somewhere in level 1 there is a place that allows you to kill all the monsters in that level EXCEPT Menelkir. Glass will shatter, floors will drop, ceilings will crush you, spikes will destroy you, you will scream, and then you'll DIE. However, if you get into trouble just go into the dimensional portal within level 1 (Especially fun when playing deathmatch-It will teleport you to random areas within level 1).
Credits: id & Raven Software for HEXEN. Larry "Lazy" Root, Brent "Shave that Beard" Harzman, and Demetrius "Ay dude" Kare for play testing. Brent "Get a computer" Bowyer for the name. HEXELENT! Jack and Mike Vermeulen for the BEST editor, aka DEEP. And for staying with me on the phone for HOURS explaining to me the NEW additions to HEXEN. DEEP rules! NO ARGUMENT.
Base: No comment. Ok, I'll say this: I always wanted to play this type of wad.
Build time: 2 weeks and 5 days.
Editor(s) used: DEEP 8.04. I had no idea others existed. :)
Bugs: Nope. Unbelievable, but true.
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Nice map! :)x
The first map looks cool, but has too many instant death traps and "bad" path choices, so pretty much requires memorizing the map to beat. I'm not sure if it's even possible to legitimately clear the last "puzzle", I used a straferun onto the end bridge instead. The second map looks pretty cool too, and is actually playable.x

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