Title: level 1: Depths of Hatred level 2: Blood of the Innocent level 3: City of the Demons
Filename: levels/hexen/g-i/hexnhub.zip
Size: 252.57 KB
Date: 02/01/96
Author: Steve Parker
Description: Finally, a user created hub for Hexen, that lets you play the game the way it was meant to be.

ADDENDUM: I spent over 100 hrs. on this project editing and testing on my P-100, only to find that the third level does not run worth a fuck on my friends' 486DX2-66, but it does play very well on mine and other's Pentiums'. So I'm releasing the first and only Pentium specific wad! Before you flame me though, I am working on a 486 version right now. I just couldn't bear to let all this work go to waste!!!!
Credits: id-software, Raven software for a rockin' good time The authors of Deep8.15 The author of conv2hex and my beta testers: Alfred Lee Alfredli@singnet.com.sg Mike Springer Oneway101@aol.com
Base: New levels from scratch, plus some bastard pieces from two of my own Heretic wads Hsewer.wad and Hblood.wad
Build time:
Editor(s) used: various editors, mostly Deep8.15 and Heth
Bugs: None that I can find SEE ADDENDUM ABOVE
Rating: (5 votes)
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You get wings of wrath quite early, so it means you're a superman for most of the hub. In addition, there are _several_ wings of wrath. The author didn't know how the wings of wrath work in Hexen. Later on, you're faced with a puzzle which if done wrong, teleports you to fall into a death pit. Do the math. Eternal flight. You're punished to _fall_. And you can't escape from that pit even if you have the wings, because it's isolated from the rest of the map. 3/5 for the ambition.x
Some parts show promise and good intent, but noobish flaws like ugly texture combination/alignmen t, fullbright lighting on most rooms, boring corridors, shoddily-done windows and wall-hump secret quests drag it down. There's also a passage that's permanently blocked (barring cheats) because a stalker is stuck in it and refuses to attack (so you can't kill him), but I think it might not be necessary for completion to go there. 2.x

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