Title: The Monastary of Korax ver1.0
Filename: levels/hexen/g-i/hexnmok.zip
Size: 69.85 KB
Date: 11/15/95
Author: Stuart Presley
Description: You've managed to travel from the Church into the mountains. A clearing becomes viewable. As you round the crest of the mountain you see before you a large castlelike building. Creeping through the trees you come upon the entrance. Judging by the statue of a Dark Bishop you assume that this may be the monostary that a few have trained in. An earthquake jutters your thoughts as the path that led you to this place is closed off by falling boulders. You think to enter the area and clense it of it's evil, reaching to open the door you find it locked.
Credits: Raven for making Heretic and Hexen. id for making DOOM, DOOM II and the 3D engine. The makers of DEU, for creating the original editing code. The makers of DETH and HETH for advancing it.
Base: From Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: HETH Zennode
Bugs: None
Rating: (2 votes)
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dylux: Not a bad WAD at all. Shame it's so short. Worth downloading if you have a couple hrs to kill.x

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