Title: Lair of Thieves
Filename: levels/hexen/g-i/hexthief.zip
Size: 125.41 KB
Date: 04/16/96
Author: Peter Ruderman
Description: After capturing the chaos sphere from Korax, you returned to Earth and soon, with the aid of the sphere's power, you became the ruler of a powerful kingdom. Soon followers flocked to you and among them you found your most trusted aid, the wizard Ferrater. However, two days ago, upon returning from a quest, you discovered that Ferrater, along with your four most trusted warriors: Luegner, Rueckensticher, Betruegner, and Tsveioberflaeche had disappeared along with the chaos sphere. Two hours ago one of your scouts reported that he had located the five traitors hold up in a fortress not far from your castle. Now, with vengence on your mind, you approach this fortress, its dark silhoutte the only thing visible on the horizon...
Credits: Rob, Adam, Tom, and Billy for play testing, support, and interest. Ben Morris for the Hexen Technical Specs.
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Plain, featureless, cluttered, ugly map. 2 starsx
Pretty good level, but recommended only for Hexen & Deathkings veterans who've learned the nuances of the game and aren't afraid of a bit of a brain teaser. Only your second weapon is obvious, the rest being hidden in an elaborate system of tricks & secrets. I think it's a bit biased against the fighter... he'll really want that hammer, and if he can't find it soon enough he's reduced to hop & chop against some elevated beasts. 4.x
Epic level. Great design and atmosphere. HARD though. Even getting weapon #3 is tricky, and not at all obvious. Getting your super-weapon really requires cleverness. Consider playing at a skill level lower than you normally do, unless you really want a challenge. Last boss fight is quite annoying, sadly. I appreciate the author wanted to do something different, but it really isn't fun. Only reason I give it a 4 instead of a 5 is that fight. x

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