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Shadows of Chronos
6 map hub for Hexen based around the world of Chronos. Story...Date:06/12/14
Size:1.24 MB
Author:Samuel Villarreal (

Stratospheric Domain
This is my first (and possibly only) map for Hexen: Beyond Heretic. Involves running on precarious "glitter bridges" while in the line of fire of several death wyverns, as well as being swarmed by numerous foes continually spawning in randomly. Has a...Date:08/13/18
Size:296 KB

Escape From Korax's Jail
You were captured by Korax and put in jail (or gaol for some people) now you must escape and defeat Korax....Date:06/12/18
Size:20.85 KB
Author:Douglas Keighran

Size:907.88 KB
Author:Shane Paluski

Dreadnaught and Knockabout TOGETHER Two complete hubs for Hexen with heavy scripting and tons of pol
In Dreadnaught you are Kane, an immortal who was doomed to roam the Earth by the god that created you. The punishment levelled at you for killing your own brother and thus brought terrible violence to the Earth. The irony is that the god was a corrup...Date:10/25/96
Size:594.92 KB
Author:Scott McNutt author of SM Levels Darrell Esau (scripter extraordinaire)

Laby for Hexen (see Laby.wad for Doom version)
Want to see something else than rooms and corridors between them ? Try this level. Paths are packed in a small area over multiple levels. It makes a three-dimensional labyrinth almost everytime you're *in* a path, you know you'll later have to go *ov...Date:04/17/96
Size:18.6 KB
Author:Armin Rigo

Korax's minions have wrought havok upon your homeland. Your people's ancient guardian, the Wyvern, has been dormant in the mountains for centuries. Legend has it that only the Bell Of Lepistus can wake it from its slumber. You believe that time has c...Date:12/03/19
Size:7.73 MB

Lost Luxury
Lost Luxury is a 10-map hub designed for Vanilla Hexen. 5 maps are interconnected, 2 are for the finale, and 3 are secret! While I originally started this for NaNoWADMo 2020, I didn't exactly finish on time, and ended up taking a whole lot longer. ...Date:04/03/21
Size:1.31 MB

The LychGate
This is an awesome "1-level-hub" which is tough, beautiful, and complete. The architecture is nice, the enemies are numerous, and it'll give you a good challenge, especially on the top skill level....Date:03/09/97
Size:135.24 KB
Author:Nick Taylor

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