Title: Lost Luxury
Filename: levels/hexen/j-l/lolu.zip
Size: 1.31 MB
Date: 04/03/21
Author: Alper002
Description: Lost Luxury is a 10-map hub designed for Vanilla Hexen. 5 maps are interconnected, 2 are for the finale, and 3 are secret! While I originally started this for NaNoWADMo 2020, I didn't exactly finish on time, and ended up taking a whole lot longer.

Difficulty settings do matter here! If playing on the two hardest settings, you may only obtain your final weapon by getting the pieces from the 3 (obtuse) secret maps! On lower difficulties you can also find them in vaguely hidden areas. Monster amounts are also adjusted. Skill 5 is untested but combat isn't too extreme most of the time, so it's probably possible to beat.

The story goes something like this: There's been recent worried talks of a large, flying wheel being seen in the skies. Some have reported it raining down death from above, and that it seems to always leave towards one particular abandoned locale. Said locale used to be a luxurious resort, but most who have checked in on what happened since haven't returned. Some believe it now belongs to a group known as the Hextuple Heresiarchs, a powerful group of dark magicians. Against your own better judgement, you too decide to see what's happening there.

Traveling there by boat, as you hit the foggy shore you only hear the winds and waves. But that might not be for long...
Credits: WolfMcBeard, for playing through once and finding a game-breaking bug for me to fix! Omniplex, Mangudai, Caleb13, DreamingRainne, and PVS for bug reports after the initial release!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: ~5 months
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, ZokumBSP, Slade, Paint.net, wadmerge, HxD
Bugs: There's chances of sprite overflows in particular areas when there's many wendigoes, but it should hopefully only happen on hard difficulties.

Also, when playing in GZDoom, the foggy library looks wrong when playing in a renderer other than the software one.
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