Title: Ressurection of Chaos
Filename: levels/hexen/p-r/roc.zip
Size: 3.59 MB
Date: 06/11/05
Author: Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude) Tim McFarland - Music, Sprites Martin Eyre (Vermil) SlayeR Chris Lu
Description: Ressurection of Chaos is the sequel to Hordes of Chaos. Just like HOC pushed Heretic's gameplay into new and challenging territory, so will ROC. Be prepared to actually use the items in your inventory instead of letting them sit around the whole game! :O

Note that this time, none of the maps are mine. I can't take credit for the maps. I can only take credit for thing placement, and reworking the maps progression.

Each map was taken from another project and worked on considerably. Here's where each map originally came from :

MAP01 - Vermil's Maps E1M8 MAP02 - Fortress of D'Sparil E3M8 MAP03 - Torture E2M3 MAP04 - Reclamation E2M1 MAP05 - Khazad-dum for Heretic E1M1 MAP06 - GNOSIS MAP01 MAP07 - Bastion of Chaos MAP01
Credits: id Software Tim McFarland for MOD music! Tim McFarland for final boss drawings Vermil for the base of MAP01 (permission given by e-mail) SlayeR for the base of MAP02 (permission given in dfort.txt) Chris Lutz for the base of MAP03, MAP04 (permission given in Torture.txt) (permission given in Reclaim.txt) Philippe Lesire for the base of MAP05 (permission given in HKHAZD11.TXT) Ruddy Palacios R. for the base of MAP06 (permission given in Gnosis.txt) Idries Hamadi for the base of MAP07 (permission given in BAST_CHA.TXT) Alexis Aiello for the boss area in MAP04 (permission given in eidolon.TXT) Testing: Vermil, Bouncy, Graf Zahl zDoom Forum guys, for putting up with my constant questions
Base: Pure Gold
Build time: Yes
Editor(s) used: ZETH, NWT, Wintex, XWE, ZDBSP
Bugs: None
Rating: (33 votes)
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