Filename: levels/hexen/s-u/shannara.zip
Size: 466.14 KB
Date: 11/30/96
Author: Terry Durham
Description: Brona, the evil Warlock Lord, was thought to have been destroyed
Base: New Levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: heth
Rating: (10 votes)
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dylux: Very Good Wad. My ONLY complaint was be prepared to go back and forth between the levels A LOT. Very comparable to the 2nd level of HeXen (The 7 Portals). Took me about 4 hrs to complete. Would definitely play again.x
Well this was quite a strange wad 0_0x
Good, fun hub, though not without its flaws, as noted above--the crushing doors, which kill fast if you get jammed in them, are peculiar. I was lucky enough not to screw anything up so as to get stuck, though. The secret level is a remix of Doom's Hell Keep, but aside from that the maps are large and interesting to explore though not always detailed. The scripting is good in a non-showoff way. The victory text (but not pictures), is also changed, a nice touch missing from too many mapsets.x
A good WAD. Has the authentic Hexen feel. Plays and looks a lot like the Shadow Wood hub in most places. There are some design flaws, though--there are a couple of places in Valley of Shale where you can become trapped with no means of escape if you do things in a certain order. Either save the Chaos Device until you're positive you're stuck, or be prepared to "Casper" through a wall. Those small wooden doors in the Druid's Keep can kill you, too (I don't think this was intended). --TDotWx

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