Title: Temple2...a 6-level hub for Hexen
Filename: levels/hexen/s-u/temple2.zip
Size: 1.29 MB
Date: 01/13/97
Author: P.Hallgren
Description: These six levels are loaded with tricks,traps and SPECIALEFFECTS such as: 3d-floors transparent doors deep-water sky walls visible floors that actully are not there(you fall thru them) floating corpses and much more..

You must be a true nutcase if you make it through all six levels without cheating. save your ammo .Don't forget that some swiches are multiple swhitches with several functions .
Credits: Johan Samuelsson for ACS programming
Build time: five months
Editor(s) used: Deep registred(8.04) the one and only !!
Bugs: three, map01 and in map.06
Rating: (13 votes)
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:) I just love hexen maps. This one is great for those who like to take their time finishing a map. Bx
Today I finally reached levels 5 and 6. I now can say I get how to play hexen. I love exploring these maps. Thank you for making it oh so many years ago. Bx
well pretty good map but i got stuck :(x
This one's a mixed bag. Competently made, technically, but some of the new textures are ugly, and the maps tend towards being gimmicky and having annoying parts that screw with the player, and a few bits are bizarre. However, it's sometimes clever, some areas look awesome, and some of the gimmicks are actually cool gimmicks. The wad also incorporates DukeTalk via ACS, so you can hear your character spout such Nuclear witticisms as "eat shit and die." - "Max 512 characters please" x
i guess this runs in skulltag or gzdoom. off to play then ^_^' Vash the hunterx
Pretty damn goodx

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