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Vaults ... 6 level adventure for Hexen
You thought you defeated ol' Korax but it was merely his hologram. He's...Date:12/20/96
Size:502.82 KB
Author:Chet Walters / WizWorks!

Hexen: Scourge of Viscerus
It has been several years since the defeat of the Deathkings, but a rogue demon sorceror named Viscerus seeks to resurrect them in order to gain dominion over Cronos....Date:07/01/10
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Matt Tropiano

We All Have to Die
A Hexen gameplay mod inspired by the arcade classic "Gauntlet." Includes health degeneration, raised health limit, and unlimited mana....Date:07/18/12
Size:4.04 KB

Walk Of Fath
Just a WAD for HEXEN. But MAP01 is the ariginal leval but it got mest up so dot play that one....Date:07/23/96
Size:17.81 KB
Author:Jason Merkel

A warlord has harnessed ancient powers, and is turning his subjects into wolf like creatures. He must be stopped before his wolfen army grows beyond possible defeat. Please configure a "Use Aeon Attack" in the controls menu. Aeon mana is described ...Date:01/08/04
Size:5.91 MB

Wolf Chapel Revisit
A reimagining of the Wolf Chapel map from Hexen. The goal was to rework and expand upon the basic layout & ideas from the original. There are two new enemies (the Scimitar and Shadow Wizard) and subtle tweaks to a couple vanilla monsters (eg. Slaught...Date:11/15/20
Size:789.02 KB

wow.wad: hexen editon
a reamake of a classic wad for a new generation game heXen this game will have u playing it loud for years to come...Date:06/19/13
Size:1.87 KB

This wad started out as just one level but it was so big I had to break it up into five different levels for smoother game play. It was made primarly for multiplayer cooperative game play. Playing it on skill level 3 is very challenging (when playing...Date:08/04/96
Size:199.72 KB
Author:Walter D. Sanz

Dragon Lich Demo
A demonstration of the Dragon Lich - A difficult enemy to use in a map....Date:08/13/13
Size:1.95 KB
Author:Doug Rasmusen

Hexen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)
This project should be run with GZDoom or Zdoom. Requires the HEXEN.wad. Supported for Co-op: up to 4 players. Designed for jump, freelook and some maps require crouch. GZDoom is recommended as some maps look strange in zdoom and map18 sometimes cr...Date:10/20/18
Size:4.38 MB

The Zenith Citadel
An amazing WAD with a lot of detail and ambience. Tough too. Download it NOW! You won't be disappointed! I spent a long time making sure everything was perfect....Date:03/09/97
Size:161.03 KB
Author:Nick Taylor

World of Zoweseandek
After you defeated Korax and his three sidekicks you thought the world of men was safe... you were wrong. Another fowl being rules his own dimension and promises to unleash his dark powers on humankind. Once a devoted priest in the church, Zoweseande...Date:04/04/97
Size:204.47 KB
Author:Kurt Rickerd

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