Title: Hexen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)
Filename: levels/hexen/v-z/xump.zip
Size: 4.38 MB
Date: 10/20/18
Author: various
Description: This project should be run with GZDoom or Zdoom. Requires the HEXEN.wad. Supported for Co-op: up to 4 players. Designed for jump, freelook and some maps require crouch.

GZDoom is recommended as some maps look strange in zdoom and map18 sometimes crashes in zdoom.

Project Lead: HexenMapper Idea Base: DUMP projects run by TerminusEst13 Special Thanks: Zedonk, PerfectionismTech, Mikolah Playtesting: Ichor, Whirledtsar, HexenMapper, Zedonk Title Music: HexenMapper Titlepic: HexenMapper

MAPS (12):

MAP01 Title: Pit of Sorrows Author: Skeletonpatch (scripts/finishing: HexenMapper)

MAP02 Title: Garden of Torture (Hub) Author: HexenMapper

MAP03 Title: The Cursed Village Author: Manhs

MAP04 Title: Castle Klattakus Author: Dynamite Kaitorn

MAP05 Title: Frozen Sands Author: VIE-rus

MAP06 Title: Athenaeum Author: Watler Confetti

MAP07 Title: Sanctuary of the Damned Author: Manhs

MAP08 Title: Grisly Gorge Author: Whirledtsar

MAP09 Title: Abandoned Observatory Author: Mikolah

MAP10 Title: The Stagnum Ignis Author: Zedonk

MAP11 Title: Shattered Valley Author: Shades

MAP18 Title: Arena Author: HexenMapper (Lich trail ACS: Mikolah)

Hub Progression Scripts: If you need to open up the new areas of the hub, type the following commands into the console:

puke 50 puke 51 puke 52 puke 53 puke 54

These 5 scripts will progressively open up the hub.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 Month
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder
Bugs: Map 18 can crash in zdoom
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