Title: The Zenith Citadel
Filename: levels/hexen/v-z/zenith.zip
Size: 161.03 KB
Date: 03/09/97
Author: Nick Taylor
Description: An amazing WAD with a lot of detail and ambience. Tough too. Download it NOW! You won't be disappointed! I spent a long time making sure everything was perfect.
Base: none
Build time: Countless hours...a very long time
Editor(s) used: HETH (best WAD editor around) ZenNode (best Nodes builder around) ACC (for scripts)
Bugs: The game has crashed after I died...only happened once though. Also, the lifts in the temple are supposed to raise perpetually at the SAME TIME. Sometimes they don't. It's not really a bug but more of a quirk. Some people are having trouble saving their games. No way around this unfortunately.
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Wolfen: Mapping similar to Doom style, as for 1997 it is very good work.x
Cool. *** Sztobox
I'm the original author of this WAD. I think I made this when I was 16, or at least, it shows from the WAD description (wowie zowie! best WAD ever! etc.). Guilty as charged on the "influences" stolen from other levels, though I humoured myself with the conceit that I was putting my own spin on them. I was more interested in making cool-looking rooms than a playable level, alas.x
Plus: Gameplay is acceptable. Looks are mostly good. Nice "windows" to later areas, at times. Minus: Some areas cause Deja-vu in a bad way. Not sure I'd say "blatant" like the above reviewer, but definitely saw parts that resembled Wolf Chapel, Effluvium and Gibbet in that order. I got that feeling of one part (the blue-water room) being from Heretic, too, and a stair room kind of reminds me of Doom... Lacks a strongly coherent theme, and could flow better: too much pointless backtracking.x
There's nothing outstanding here. Normally I would call this average work, but some parts of the map were blatantly ripped from the original game, deeming my 2 star rating. I think one part was even ripped from Heretic. This brought back some memories of playing Hexen WADs as a kid, but unfortunately it was all the monotonous, bland memories of every one level wad with the same Winnowing Halls music whose tune has been permanently burned into my brain.x
This one is attractive and fun, if slightly unbalanced as far as class goes (I think the Mage has a much easier time than the other classes, due mainly to the Sapphire Wand). It even has some optional secrets. There's not much strategy involved in the finale, though...just kill your foes quick, or your're dead. It's actually kind of easy to push the bosses off of the cliff. I even got all three with one disc on one occassion. --TDotWx

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